Are you looking for some sporting excitement and adventure, something a little different than the standard sports you’re used to? Or maybe you’re looking for some peace and tranquility in this hectic world while still looking to get away? If you’ve never tried scuba diving, this is a good time to try a new sport. Think about what you’ll experience – the total quiet, the lightness that comes with zero gravity, the chance to explore underwater life, coral reefs and old shipwrecks; maybe even take pictures of them.

If you’ve never tried scuba diving or are looking to gain your certification as a scuba diver, try Destination Scuba, a total one-stop-shop in Glendale, part of the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. Located in an unassuming strip mall, the store occupies two side-by-side suites that serve as the only place you need to go for diving. From learning how to breathe underwater to obtaining all levels of professional certification, you can do it all at Destination Scuba.

Offering classes and professional certification through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the store also rents and sells equipment and has an on-site equipment repair shop. Additionally, it has classroom space and an indoor pool where you can gain your first underwater experience wearing all the equipment. You don’t need to invest lots of money up front to find out whether or not scuba diving is for you. At no cost, you can try out all the equipment while actually in water to see if the sport is one you’ll want to pursue further.

If you become hooked on scuba like so many others, you then can take classes to become PADI certified. This can be done as part of a group class or on a one-on-one basis where you progress at your own pace. According to owner Mark Caron, you can earn your professional certification as a scuba diver in four days or in just two weekends as part of a three-point program that includes:

1. Some bookwork and home study.
2. Classes in the pool.
3. Diving certification that’s done in an open water dive accompanied by your instructor.

General manger CG Durda is a PADI master instructor while Caron, who is a PADI divemaster is now going for the higher certification of instructor, as well. Caron actually began diving and was certified by his oldest brother, Lenny right out of high school thanks to Lenny’s graduation present. After his brother passed away, Caron set a goal to dive in all the places Lenny loved to dive – one of them on his list is Iceland.

Travel is another reason to check out Destination Scuba. They organize approximately 40 scuba diving trips throughout the year to an assortment of diving locations that include the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, San Diego and San Carlos, Mexico to name a few. These sites are chosen to suit the various energy levels and expectations of divers – some laid back divers want beautiful destinations they can leisurely explore, some want to do underwater photography of sea creatures in a specific location, some want to dive old wrecks while some hard core divers want to pack in as many dives as they can get in one trip.

Scuba diving is much safer than in the days of Lloyd Bridges in the old TV series “Sea Hunt.” Equipment advances mean a much safer sport, one where you get more time to enjoy the adventure. And it’s not the prohibitively costly sport for the rich that most people think it is. If you average out the amount you spend on equipment and travel, according to Durda, it’s cheaper than golf.

While it may seem strange to talk about a scuba diving experience in the desert of Arizona, the state actually has a lot of lakes as well as the Colorado River that can be great diving destinations. If that’s not enough, within just a couple of hours driving, you can be in favorite nearby dive spots of San Diego or San Carlos. So spice up your sports life and give scuba diving a try.

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By Harry Andrew