Jodie Turner
gay-bowl-picAge: 36

Hometown: Eunice, Louisiana.

Current residence: Denver, Colorado.

Sport: Flag Football.

Other sports played: Tennis, golf, softball, basketball, rugby.

Interests: Harry Potter, football, theme parks, hanging out with my favorite people, and spending time with my dogs.

Best physical feature: Dimple and eyes.

Favorite athlete: Carli Lloyd.

Why you love sports: I enjoy the strategic side of all sports and the community that is built while playing team sports.

What’s your story? I am an only child, born and raised in South Louisiana. Even though my parents have always been supportive of me, I joined the military at 21 to get out of the South. Joining the military was one of the best decisions of my life and has led me to meet amazing friends that are now my family. I am the co-owner of Link Light Networking and currently work in the IT Department for a school district outside of Denver. My dad unexpectedly passed away two years ago and it has forever changed my outlook on how short life can be. I am incredibly thankful for the people in my life who continue to support and encourage me to be a better person on and off the football field. I am also thankful for the support from the Denver Gay and Lesbian Flag Football League and for my Mile High Club family.

Greatest personal achievement: Serving in the United States Air Force for eight years.

Athletic achievements: Success with the Denver Mile High Club.

If given the opportunity what would you tell/teach your younger self or is there anything you hope to teach the younger generation that may be looking up to you? I would like to tell my past self to enjoy every moment with friends and family because life is short. I would tell the younger generation to always be yourself and never let other people’s perception of you impact your abilities in sports and life.

What are your future goals?  To continue leading the Denver Mile High Club in future tournament success and supporting the growth of the Women’s Flag Football Division/Community. Also, to progress my career in information technology and to one day build a family and share my love of sports with my children.

What are your thoughts about LGBT and Diversity in sports? Every athletic sport should continue to create safe spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. We deserve to feel proud of who we are, everywhere we go. Sexual orientation and gender identity do not impact our ability to play sports but our strength and resilience do! We should continue to value all aspects of diversity in athletics, and be an ally to each person we meet.