A co-host for the Compete’s 2015 Petey Awards, David Rae still embodies all those qualities that made him Compete’s 2011 Athlete of the Year. As the magazine’s first award given out in 2008, it included a commitment to personal achievement, active participation in a team or individual sport, a commitment to supporting and encouraging others in sports as well as a commitment to the LGBT community. And David is a perfect fit for that description—both then and now.

But you need some background on him to fully appreciate where he is today doing what he’s doing today as an out and very proud gay man. And his husband and fellow cyclist Ryne Meadors is supporting him every step (or roll) of the way. David’s definitely a dedicated gay athlete but he’s also a very bright and well-rounded person whose passion for giving back to the gay community is a driving force in his life.

A graduate from California’s University of Redlands with degrees in business and musical theatre, David is a financial advisor licensed to advise clients about life, health, disability, long-term health care, tax planning and estate issues, portfolio revision, portfolio management and exit strategies—all working to make each client’s dream come true.

After joining Trilogy Financial Services in January 2003, by the next year he was promoted to vice president of investments. With most of his clients being gay, as marriage equality steadily moved forward to finally becoming the law of the land, the need for financial planning advice for LGBT couples has also grown. David has been seen, quoted and published in many national publications including MSN Money, Mens Health, NBC News, The Today Show, Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Yahoo News and 401(K) Specialist Magazine.

He is also appears regularly on the KTLA News and is a regular contributor to The Advocate Magazine; he’s also a Huffington Post Blogger, listing himself as a “Certified Financial PlannerTM, AIF® and fiscal fitness maestro, making dollars and sense for the LGBT community and friends for over a decade.”

As the son of former USC Trojan star quarterback Mike Rae who went on to play in the NFL for the Raiders, Buccaneers and Redskins as well as a stint with the Toronto Argonauts and the inaugural season of the United States Football League’s L.A. Express, David was raised on sports. But his dad retired when he was only in elementary school, giving David a true insider’s view of the importance of financial planning.

But a variety of sports were also a big part of David’s life and he tried many of them before discovering a passion for cycling. And while he wasn’t able to participate in this year’s AIDS/LifeCycle (ALC), it has also been a huge pas- sion of his, making his first ride in 2008. In 2010 he formed his own team, Team Popular, the name taken from the team’s anthem, “Popular,” the song made famous by Kris-tin Chenoweth from the musical score of the play, “Wicked.”

Over the years he’s been a consistent top fund raiser for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center as well as a top-notch recruiter for new ALC riders. On his own he recruited over 70 new riders for Team Popular that included new and veteran cyclists from across the U.S. as well as Australia and South Africa.

What cycling has really done for David is to give him a platform to merge his social, philanthropic and athletic worlds into one. He took his love of a sport generally considered to be an individual one and created a team with an atmosphere of fun and a friendly sense of competition that managed to support his love of giving back to the LGBT community.

Beyond his role in ALC, over the years David has also helped raise funds for the center in other ways, including serving as host for their Poolwatch and Halloweenie events. Active in the greater West Hollywood and Los Angeles community, he has also been actively involved with a variety of other charities.

He was recognized by IN Magazine as being a major force in the next generation of gay philanthropists due to his work with such additional causes as the Human Rights Campaign, AIDS Project Los Angeles and Equality California to name a few. Additionally David was recognized by Registered Rep, a national publication for the financial planning industry, as an Advisor with a Heart award winner at their 31st Annual Altruism Awards.

On the personal front, David and Ryne (who met on a cruise) are now happily married. Engaged in 2012, the couple married with friends and family in attendance in 2014. And Ryne has been an active part of Team Popular and all their philanthropic efforts in the gay community.

As David continues to give back to the gay community, he does it with a great sense of humor as evidenced by the open- ing paragraphs of his April 15, 2015 Huffington Post’s blog post titled, “Hey Indiana, It’s the Money Honey!” He leads off
with, “The worst thing to come out of Indiana is the boneheaded and hateful Religious Freedom Restoration Act; the best is my incredible, wonderful husband. Ironically, both have been good for my business.”

And then he follows by saying he’s “married to the handsomest Hoosier on the planet.” Clearly, both men are great looking with beautiful smiles and pearly whites that could be a dentist’s or toothpaste manufacturer’s fondest advertising dream. To “top” off his blog, he includes a Pinterest picture of their wedding cake topper (you’ll doubt- less notice their gleaming smiles that truly mirror the real thing).

As we honor Jake Mason, our latest Mark Bingham Athlete of the Year, we continue to honor those other honorees, like David Rae who have gone before him. We are very proud to say that David continues to represent Compete Magazine’s heartfelt motto of “Uniting the World Through Sports.”




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