The popular UK TV Show, Dancing on Ice, which features celebrities paired up with professional ice dancers to perform a figure skating routine in front of a panel of judges similar to “Dancing with the Stars” and other competition reality shows. For the upcoming season, the show’s producers announced that Professional Skater Matt Evers will be paired up with “Steps” singer Ian “H” Watkins, making it the first time a same sex couple has been featured on the show.

The move comes ahead of Dancing on Ice’s rival show “Strictly Come Dancing” which is produced by the BBC. For years, there have been rumors and speculation that “Strictly Coming Dancing” would feature a same sex dance couple. Earlier this year, the show featured “same sex dance routines” which had brief segments of same sex couples dancing together. However, it was only for specific routines rather than as a competitor throughout the season.

For Dancing on Ice, the move came at the request of Watkins who asked the producers if he could be partnered with a man. It was reported that the producers were supportive of the idea and made it a reality. A source within the show reported…

“After conversations with the Dancing on Ice production team, H enquired as to the possibility of being paired with a male pro skater.

“Bosses at Dancing on Ice are fully supportive of a same-sex partnership, so this year H will be paired with Matt.It’s a huge moment in TV history. A lot of viewers will be watching, and the hope is it might set a trend.”

The next season of Dancing on Ice premiers in January.

By Dirk Smith