Having written for the Compete website for a number of years I can recall how thankful many of our readers were when Olympian Tom Daley gained adult status so they didn’t feel guilty admiring how good he looked in his tiny speedo. Now you can have a chance to win the opportunity to see him up close and personal on a double date with Tom and his boyfriend, Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black.

Tom shared he lost his father to brain cancer and Dustin lost his older (gay) brother to cancer as well. They decided to transform a terrible experience to a positive one by offering a double date with them as a way of fund-raising for two organizations–The Brain Tumour Charity in the U.K. and the Human Rights Campaign in the U.S.

If you win, you and your own partner don’t only get dinner and a night out on the town in London with the two, but the two of you will also get a flight there, a stay in a four-star hotel and a “make-over” with a stylist because you’re going to be showing up in a lot of photos with Tom and Dustin.

Here’s a video of them explaining what’s going on, and you can get full details and enter for what’s being advertised as “the best double-date ever”. You can enter the contest here at Omaze! Good luck!