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Confession of a Gamer

My name is Patrick Gamble and I confess that I’m a gamer – I love video games! While I played lots of games when I was younger, I decided to take it up again in my adult life and video games have once again become a passion in my life. They serve as a central stress reliever in my daily world.

I started playing video games back in the 1980s with my first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System. My favorite games from that decade were the “Legend of Zelda” and “Tetris” that I played on my GameBoy. Today I’m still partial to Nintendo games but now my favorite console is the “New” Nintendo 3DS. Many titles I have on my 3DS look incredible in 3D like “Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon,” a must have 3D title if, like me, you are a fan of Mario games. As part of my gaming confession, here are my five personal favorite games.

5.   “Pokémon GO” iOS

My favorite get out and get moving game is “Pokémon GO.” Taking walks in the park has always been pretty boring until last summer when “Pokémon GO” appeared. The goal in this game is to catch ‘em all. These cute little monsters, pokéstops and gyms appear as you walk around so you can use your smartphone to capture them, making this the most popular augmented reality app today. In a recent update 80 Pokémon monsters were added as well as Apple Watch compatibility.

4.  “Asphalt 8 Airborne“ tvOS (AppleTV) 

Nothing is easier than turning on an AppleTV to play an incredible racing game. With the optional controller, you really get the feel of big title racing games like “Gran Tourismo” or “Forza” but instead, you can play this game on your tvOS. Gamelot does a great updating job by adding the coolest cars, tournaments and tracks.

In-game, it’s super awesome with all the jumps and great location views. I do love the excellent graphics and game play on this title. Best of all, you can jam out with its awesome soundtrack that features popular electronic artists like Deadmau5, Martin Garrix and the Crystal Method.

3.   “Super Smash Brothers” 3DS 

Need to let out a little frustration in private? Here is my pick for massive stress relief. Play online with friends or alone as a single player. Team up with an optional Amiibo and level up your characters. Amiibos are data storing figurines of Nintendo characters that have a special NFC chip and can be read with your WiiU or “New” Nintendo 3DS NFC reader. “Super Smash Brothers” is a classic title that keeps getting updated with fresh DLC (Downloadable Content). The latest version includes all new levels and more characters you can unlock. Tired of the regular battles? Try the mini games for additional challenges.

2.   “Lego Dimensions” 

Who doesn’t love a good Lego video game? This is one where you can really get your geek on. “Lego Dimensions” comes with a starter pack with a base unit that plugs into your console. You build the Lego set to get started with the game. And to expand your game you can buy packs at local retailers.

For me, the Lego sets are quite addictive and have become a collectable. My favorite sets are the “Doctor Who Level Pack” and “Joker and Harley Quinn Fun Pack.” You can collect many of your favorite characters from Ghostbusters in “DC Comics Superheroes.” That game is filled with building Legos you can use to fight your enemies with special powers and solve puzzles. Bring a friend and play in multiplayer mode.

1.   Top Pick: “Mario Kart 8” 

Hands down – this is my all-time favorite game series. It’s the car/kart racing genre I love plus Mario challenges mixed in. This is not your straight-forward racing game where you collect coins and mystery blocks to obtain prizes and weapons to beat your opponents.

You can also use the optional Wii wheel to drive with a steering wheel and do magical flips that can give you the edge you need. Customize your cart and wheels and then you can choose from a cast of characters to create your personalized gold-winning combo. Play multiplayer, single player and online. This game never gets old.

Again, these games are my favorite picks and not necessarily the most recent or competitive games on the scene. There’s a soft place in my heart for gaming and I’m glad that I picked the hobby back up as an adult. Whether you’re already a gamer or just interested in it, I would highly recommend these titles. Remember, when you need a good stress reliever a “Smash” battle fixes it every time.


By Patrick Gamble


Final blog in a four part series on Video Gaming.

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