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By Ty Nolan


High School Athletes Hit Prom As Male Couple

It’s prom season and there have been several reports of LGBT students having an open prom experience that didn’t tend to happen a generation ago. This includes Michael Martin @martinofcompany, a soccer player at a high school in West Virginia. He had a successful coming out story covered earlier.

At the time it was reported he was dating a tennis player from a different high school, Logan Westrope. They attended the prom in matching tuxedos. According to TheBackLot: “We didn’t hear any negative comments about Michael and I. A lot of people would come up to us (especially the girls) and say, ‘You both are so cute!’ or ‘You guys look great!’

“Once we left the prom, I remember Michael saying to me in the car, ‘Logan, this is our last prom and I’m so glad to spend it with you. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night.”

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Male Husbands Featured On Dodger Stadium Kiss Cam—Crowd Cheers

If you remember, it was just back in 2000 that two women were kicked out of Dodger Stadium for kissing when other attendees complained to security staff. And they were the invited guests at last year’s Dodger’s LGBT night to emphasize that gays are welcome there. But in a show of just how far we’ve all come since then, at Saturday’s game the stadium Kiss Cam team showed two men who were a couple. Here’s the video (their kiss is at the 0:28 mark.):

Deadspin reader Steven, who was in the ballpark (but didn’t film this video), says he was “proud of the loud, enthusiastic response from the crowd. Not one person around me groaned or made derogatory remarks, and seemed genuinely pleased with the moment. The Dodgers have held LGBT nights in recent years, and while it’s great to publicly announce that everyone’s welcome, there’s nothing quite like being normalized by dorky in-stadium entertainment to make everyone feel included.”

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Brittney Griner Opts Out of Training Camp

Following her charge of domestic violence with her fiancée, fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson, Brittney Griner decided not to attend the U.S. Women’s team training basketball camp. Attendance was not mandatory and her absence is not supposed to affect her standing in the Phoenix Mercury.

“Clearly [domestic violence] is an important issue in this country and something we do have to look at, but it’s not just a one-person situation,” USA National Basketball Team Director Carol Callan told ESPN. “There were several people involved. So we are trying to continue to gather information before we make any statement on that issue.” The WNBA is still considering the situation. The league has the option to fine, suspend or even terminate the contracts of Griner and Johnson.

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Israeli Football Team Threatened For Flying Pride Flag

According to Pink News: “Lawyer AItamar Ben-Gvir wrote the letter to the Israeli football association over the weekend, requesting that Jerusalem football team Hapoel Katamon be punished after the team replaced the traditional corner flags with rainbow ones.”

The team responded to Ben-Gvir’s request in a statement that said: “We at Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem oppose racism and violence since we were established, we are happy to show that in soccer too there is room for everyone, regardless of their background and without irrelevant questions. All are welcome to celebrate our ascent to the national league this Friday at Teddy [Stadium].’”

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Tom Daley Takes Gold At World Diving Series

If you’re a Tom Daley fan, you’ll be thrilled to learn that he took the gold medal at the World Diving series. According to the BBC: “Britain’s Tom Daley showed he can still beat the world-leading Chinese divers with a stunning display to secure 10m platform World Series gold in London.”

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NFL Report Indicates Brady Probably Knew Balls Had Been Deflated

It’s DEFLATEGATE – AGAIN! The NFL report that was to take two or three weeks has finally been released and it doesn’t look good for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady although it appears to clear coach Bill Belichick. While it doesn’t have the anticipated “smoking gun” moment, mainly because Brady refused to release his texts to the investigators as did others involved, it does appear Brady was aware of what was going on.

According to the New York Times: “The NFL released its report on the inquiry into New England’s surreptitious deflation of game-day footballs to make them easier to grip, a program uncovered during January’s A.F.C. championship game.”

The report went on to say that by “Using detailed accounts and circumstantial evidence, it implicated Brady as part of the operation, saying he most likely knew that the two employees, McNally, 48, and Jastremski, then 35, were purposely deflating footballs, for Brady’s benefit, to a level beyond the permissible threshold. … The NFL report absolved other top Patriots officials, including Coach Bill Belichick, the owner Robert K. Kraft and the equipment manager Dave Schoenfeld, saying that there was ‘no wrongdoing or knowledge of wrongdoing’ on their part.”

Talk of disciplinary action and changes to game-day protocol for handling game balls is a result of the report’s findings but it appears too early to know exactly what will happen. Fines, suspension and loss of draft pick are all being considered. Brady did comment yesterday but only said he’s “digesting” the report. Wonder if he’s taking that with mayo or ketchup.

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WV College Star Running Back Dismissed From Team After Gay Bashing

Steward Butler, the 23-year old standout running back for Marshall University was first suspended from the football team and then shortly after was dismissed from the team after being arrested on allegations that he assaulted a same-sex couple who exchanged a kiss in downtown Huntington, West Virginia, home of Marshall.

Booked on two counts of battery, the police report said Butler punched two men on April 5. The victims, Casey Williams and Zackery Johnson, alleged that Butler stepped out of a car, approached them shouting derogatory words before punching each of them in the face. According to the Daily Beast, Butler tried to claim self-defense—until a video of the attack emerged.

Butler was released on $10,000 bond and offered no comment to reporters after his release. If convicted he could face up to two years in jail and/or a $1000 fine. Athletic director Mike Hamrick said in a statement that “We take all accusations against our student-athletes seriously, especially those of such a sensitive nature. We hold all of our 350+ student-athletes to a high standard, on and off the playing surface, as ambassadors of Marshall University.

The case has been turned over to the local FBI office by Huntington Police to investigate whether any federal charges should be bought according to police Detective Chris Sperry. In additional coverage of the story by, Sperry said  “It’s not a pleasant thing to watch. … If it wasn’t for the video, it would have been his word against theirs and we wouldn’t have had anything. But luckily, they videoed it and that’s why we’re here today.”

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