By Mark Moon


Slouching shoulders and bad posture doesn’t just affect your posture, it can affect your upper–body strength, cause headaches and impact your overall quality of life, too. Weak shoulders result in poor range of movement, little strength, back problems and other long-term ailments.

It’s not difficult to strengthen your shoulders with my four simple but effective exercises to gain greater strength, definition, mobility and flexibility. After a five minute warm-up, complete three sets of 15 reps on each exercise with a 30-second rest between each set. Remember to cool down and stretch following the circuit, too.


Standing Overhead Press

Take two dumbbells (go light when you start out) at shoulder height and extend your arms high as you can above your head as you exhale. Return dumbbells to shoulder height as you inhale.


Single-Arm Rear Deltoid Fly

Take a dumbbell in one arm and place the opposite leg forward. Bend at the knee and through the hips so your back is close to horizontal. Position elbows with a slight bend and palm facing inwards. Raise your upper arms to the side until your elbow is shoulder height. Maintain upper arms perpendicular to torso and in a fixed elbow position (10-30-degree angle) throughout the exercise.


Triceps Extension/Front Rotation

Lie on the floor facing upwards and take a dumbbell in each hand, knuckles facing the ceiling and your elbows at 90-degree as in a bench press-type position about nipple height. Slowly lower the weights to a 45-degree angle before returning to the start position. Take three seconds to lower the weights and three seconds to return.


Standing Opens

Using the same light-to-medium weight dumbbells, stand up and position the weights vertically just in front of your midsection. Open your arms from the elbow (be sure to keep your elbows close to your body) so you feel the stretch through your upper arms and at the front of your shoulders.

With a dedicated shoulder routine, you will not only look and feel better but you’ll have the posture and strength to improve your overall daily life.

Mark Moon is the leading Australian fitness trainer, Blood Type Diet expert and creator of the Get Fit Fast online system. He has recently launched his newest U.S.-based, four disc DVD series, “Get Fit Fast: The Complete Workout System.” The four motivational 40-minute workouts include strength, cardio and core, stretch and recover, and cycle.

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