Patrick Gamble is really a great supporter of the LGBTQ community. Owner of Pat Gamble Graphics and Marketing in Phoenix, he provides the graphic needs for a number of Arizona non-profits, many of them LGBTQ organizations; he’s also an independent contractor for Compete Magazine. But he is so much more. He’s also a constant and reliable non-profit volunteer for the LGBTQ community, an Eagle Scout, a video gamer and even an occasional bowler.

Mention video games and Patrick comes alive. He says that video games are his guilty pleasure. “After a long day on the computer there is no better stress relief for me. My favorite kinds of games are the racing and action and adventure.” But more on gaming and his favorites will come in next month’s issue of Compete.

Growing up, Patrick wasn’t really into sports. He often felt like the odd man out. But he was deeply involved in scouting. In fact, Patrick reached the highest level of scouting, that of Eagle Scout. “Scouting is why I’m the person I became today,” he shared. “Scouting taught me so many valuable lessons and showed me how to become a leader. It was difficult to leave scouting when I came out but I needed to be my true authentic self. The problem with that self was that I’m always a scout and it bothered me for 15 years that I could not be a part of Scouting. In 2015 I was so proud when I could register and become a leader in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) again. BSA and its program Order of the Arrow are a part of this Eagle Scout forever.”

Another of his passions is the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Profoundly moved by all the rallies in 2008, he decided he needed to be more involved than just paying HRC dues. “In the beginning I was doing social media, web updates and a monthly social I developed called Shaken and Stirred for Equality,” he shared. “Later in my HRC career I served on the national board of governors from 2010 to 2014, helping lead the Arizona steering committee during some of the most monumental decisions in LGTBQ rights. During that time I co-chaired two HRC Galas, chaired two newly-developed cooking festivals and hosted 52 monthly socials. I also had the opportunity to lobby congress several times with the HRC on issues like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Patrick’s first adventure in volunteer work after coming out was with Flagstaff Pride 2003 while there attending Northern Arizona University. Moving back to Phoenix after graduation, he began volunteering locally at One Voice Community Center and also worked from 2009-2011 with the HERO program that awarded him their Unsung Hero Award. He’s been to lots of AIDS Walks for Aunt Rita’s and loves attending their events. Currently he’s manager for the second year at One N Ten’s Fresh Brunch, an important event raising monies for LGBTQ youth.

Running Compete’s Charity Golf Classic for the third year is another of Patrick’s volunteer efforts. He shares that “I did not think I would run golf tournaments but it’s perfect. I can help our community by raising money for non-profits while bringing a great group of new best friends together. I love having the ability to bring people together for a day of sports diversity.”

However, working with Compete has changed his view of sports, saying “I always thought that sports was just for the jocks and was pretty flat, being just a few channels on the TV.” He says he’s learned that sports are so much more than ESPN, a good athlete or a winning team. “I have learned it’s more about the community of people, the brotherhood and fellowship that go along with sports.Teams and leagues I have met bring great people together; they’re all full of best friends and I enjoy seeing leagues giving back to their communities in different ways.”

What a community hero you are, Patrick Gamble – as members of the LGBTQ community (as well as Compete Magazine), we are all made better as a result of your efforts!

Owner, Pat Gamble Graphics and Marketing

Sport: Video Gamer


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