Kevin Majoros not only demonstrates a strong commitment to the LGBTQ community, he’s also an athlete who loves sports. Although he now lives in Baltimore, Kevin says he grew up in a sports family in Toledo, Ohio playing “pretty much everything,” adding that “I like to mix it up and recently I have been horseback riding with the rodeo folks and have also been skeet shooting. This spring I am going to try orienteering and revisit volleyball.”

A member of the District of Columbia Aquatics Club (DCAC), Kevin’s an avid swimmer who is as much at home in a pool as he is in open water. DCAC is part of the ally-welcoming International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics organization (IGLA) as well as Team DC, the umbrella organization for gay sports in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and he’s very active in all three groups.

Kevin is also a sports writer for the Washington Blade, a contributing writer for Compete Magazine and has recently begun to write for Seven Seas Marine Conservation. He recently wrote about Gavan Hennigan, the gay Irish rower who just did a solo crossing of the Atlantic, saying “I am meeting the coolest people, both gay and straight.”

As host for the CCE Sports Network-produced Capital Sports TV show, he occasionally travels with the crew to do live commentary at various LGBTQ sporting events. Over the past six months he has been the on-air commentator at the International Gay & Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA) Soccer World Championships in Portland and the Capital Classic Tennis Tournament in D.C.

During his five-year stint as Team DC’s vice president, the Team DC College Scholarship was established to provide scholarships for LGBTQ student/athletes in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The prime fundraiser for it is their annual Fashion Show & Model Search, and following two years as a model, Kevin has gone on to run all aspects of the show for the last 10 years – sponsors, models and show logistics. He’s now in the process of establishing the sponsors for the first DC Front Runners Underwear Run in May which will also benefit the scholarship fund. Additionally he serves on the United Night Committee with DC United which is part of the very successful Team DC Night OUT Series.

A talented writer, one of his many impactful stories shared the dream of five LGBTQ Ugandan swimmers to represent their country at IGLA’s 2016 world championships last August in Edmonton, Canada. In addition to their story and covering the work of the IGLA board and attorney, LGBTQ activist and fellow swimmer Nate Freeman as they helped the swimmers achieve their goal, Kevin has continued to follow the story. One of the swimmers, Adebayo Katiiti is a transgender man who decided to stay in Canada after receiving messages from home that he would be killed if he returned to Uganda. Katiiti requested asylum from Canada and was recently granted refugee status.

Kevin is a very goal-oriented guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. His desire to try orienteering (an international competitive sport requiring a person to cross unknown land aided only by a map and compass) seems to be a good metaphor for his positive outlook on both sports and life. When he talks about his love for sports, he says “I love the triumph of the human spirit and I think sports showcase that better than anything else.” He also reveals that his greatest personal achievement is his lack of fear when it comes to failing, saying he constantly reaches for things that are beyond him.

It’s clear that his actions certainly match his beliefs. When asked about his greatest athletic achievement, he shared that he tore his meniscus and ACL throwing a discus just before the 2014 Gay Games and could barely walk. “There was no way I was missing the Games,” he said, “so I went anyway and won two gold and a bronze in the pool and a gold in open water swimming.”

Wanting people to realize that anyone can play sports, Kevin says it’s really the reason he became a sports writer. In spite of the many challenges that LGBTQ individuals face in sports due to homophobia, transphobia, sexism and racism, he notes that they’re still out there playing.

To date he has written over 300 LGBTQ sports stories and says that each athlete has his or her own interesting and unique path. This makes him want to continue sharing the amazing sports stories of the LGBTQ community so people understand that this is something they can achieve in their own lives. Thank you, Kevin for being such an impressive Community Hero!


Controller at Carson Research Consulting (CRC); contributing sports writer for the Washington Blade and Compete Magazine; sports show host

Sports: Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Track and Field