As the May 26 through June 4, 2017 date for the Miami World Outgames inches ever-closer, Duy Ngo’s work load with the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association North America (GLISA NA) may even increase. GLISA NA is the North American portion of GLISA, international rights-holder to the OutGames and since its inception in 2006, close to 10 OutGames editions have been produced globally.

GLISA North America has a working board of directors staffed by volunteers that are active, something requiring those involved to have a huge commitment to the organization’s cause of supporting the LGBTQ community to “compete, connect and learn.” It requires community heroes. And that is certainly a good description of Ngo and his role as GLISA NA’s vice-president.

Part of Ngo’s duties in this volunteer role are to execute the organization’s digital media platform (website, social media, email campaigns, etc.), coordinate brand stewardship, manage internal information technology systems, provide external communications and engage in partnership development. Part of his special involvement in the LGBTQ community is to participate in various forums relating to LGBTQ sports, including the #LGBTSportsSummit in connection with Connect meetings.

If that were not enough, he also assists with host selection and promotional activities for the OutGames. For the upcoming Miami World OutGames as well as past events, GLISA awards the rights to a host city and then works closely with the local committee to plan and implement the host city’s vision of the OutGames. That can include making connections, building partnerships, advising on strategy, providing information and resources as well as promoting the OutGames itself. Finally, GLISA serves as the legacy host for each completed OutGames.

When asked what the best thing is about working with GLISA North America, Ngo describes the organization using words like “nimble” and “agile,” ones that encourage individual initiatives and foster creative freedom. “We are a diverse collection of fearless dreamers and passionate good-doers. My colleagues are amazing and generous human beings,” he said. “Naturally, such an environment produces out-of-the box approaches to projects and exciting partnerships. My work at GLISA North America informs and enriches other parts of my life, empowering me to strive for the same level of ambition and achievement.”

But remember that GLISA isn’t his only passionate commitment. Ngo is a tennis player, a member of the Los Angeles Tennis Association (LATA), one of the oldest and largest LGBTQ sports organizations in the U.S. As part of the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association’s (GLTA) global tennis consortium, LATA sponsors many of GLTA’s U.S. tournaments in which he plays on a regular basis. And if his wheels weren’t already going fast enough, he recently took up spinning.

Ngo’s day job is working in asset management for Mobilitie, LLC, the largest privately-held telecommunications infrastructure company in the U.S. So while this job isn’t directly involved in the LGBTQ community, it is tangentially if you consider the company’s technologies that power mobile connectivity to such apps as Grindr. If that counts as involvement, then his job also helps support the LGBTQ community.

It’s hard to imagine how Ngo finds time to fit in everything he manages to accomplish. When asked if he had any special achievements in his life, his response was, “I am of the opinion that the strength to get up every morning to pursue one’s passion and to live life in accordance with one’s values is enough of an achievement.”

Ngo also talked about the insidious nature of staying silent, referencing a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” Congratulations to you, Duy Ngo for not being silent – no wonder you are a community hero!

Duy Ngo:
Asset Management, Mobilitie, LLC
Vice-president, board of directors for GLISA North America
Sport: Tennis


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