The documentary, created by director Michael Barnett, tells the stories of three high school athletes at different aspects of their athletic careers, personal lives and experiences as transgender teenagers. The film tells the stories of Sarah who’s a skier, Andraya a track and field athlete and Mack Begg’s who is well known as the Texas State Champion in wrestling.

The film centers on Mack Begg’s who had to deal with a lot of controversy and hypocrisy trying to wrestle in a system where he tried to compete as a boy but was forced to wrestle against the girls due to Texas State Law requiring high school athletes to compete in the gender listed on their birth certificate.

In addition, the film features Andraya and Sarah who have overcome many barriers in their own lives for the right to participate in competitive sports. The film ties each of the athletes’ stories of discrimination into a statement calling for acceptance and inclusion of transgender athletes in sports.

“Trans athletes have to work harder than their cisgender peers in order to thrive in their field while also having the courage and resilience to face daily harassment and discrimination,” says Lucy Mukerjee, a Senior Programmer at Tribeca Enterprises. “The kids in this film have found sports as a way to channel the negativity around them into a positive, to gain a sense of self-worth and validation.”

The film is playing at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday 04/28, Friday 05/03 and Saturday 05/04. Find more information at and watch the trailer below!

By Dirk Smith