LOS ANGELES — This annual commemoration is a day to CELEBRATE trailblazers, triumphs, and milestones; MOTIVATE others to set new standards of inclusion, and ADVOCATE for universal equity in sport and society at large.

“Diversity in Sport means different things to different people. Be it a 99-year-old African-American great-great-grandmother runner or an HIV-positive swimmer setting Masters world records; an athlete-veteran marching into their first Invictus Games; the first figure skater from your country to compete in Olympic finals; one of the most decorated athletes in Special Olympics history, or athletes competing openly as their true selves, Diversity in Sport Day is an international campaign that relies on local efforts to promote full equity and participation for all” said Shamey Cramer, Founder, and Co-chair of the initiative, along with Co-chair, Tracey Savell Reavis. Further information is found at the website www.dis28.com.

August 28, 2022, was chosen to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Opening Ceremony for the inaugural Gay Games that took place on that day in 1982. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX, and August 28, 2024, will be the Opening Ceremony of the Paris Summer Paralympic Games. Each of these milestones uses sport and culture to address issues of discrimination and ensure sport is inclusive, regardless of ability or identity.

Every organization and individual involved with Diversity in Sport Day will be able to promote and celebrate this day in whatever form best suits their needs: be it strictly to show support through an online, social media campaign; host a registration party for an upcoming event; conduct a registration drive, or launch a new fundraising campaign.

Honor diversity in sport on August 28, because the message of inclusion and representation is stronger together.

About Diversity in Sport Day | August 28

Diversity in Sport Day, August 28 is an annual event that celebrates trailblazers, triumphs, and milestones in sport, motivates others to set new standards of inclusion, and advocates for universal equity in sport and society at large. Shared Diversity in Sport stories will inspire more participation from athletes, executives, teams, and communities. With greater awareness and connection, grassroots and local action will drive our global goal of diversity and inclusion in sport. #DiversityinSport www.dis28.com

Photo Credit: Cheer Colorado