In this issue we’re looking at the Summer Olympic Games being held next month in Rio de Janeiro. Each Olympic celebration has a flavor all its own; a mixture of sports and the current international political climate. There is the drama of wonderful athletes competing first in their own countries to make their national Olympic teams and then their final preparations to compete on the world stage that the Olympic Games has become.

All of that drama plays out on the larger global stage of current political power and control issues, economic and environmental problems and doping scandals, however. You know there are real problems when on June 28 Rio’s acting mayor tells CNN that the Olympics could be a “big failure.” But somehow, at the last minute all of it comes together in the glorious spectacle of the opening and closing ceremonies and the breathtaking competition that keeps most of us glued to our various communication devices for 19 days

So while the Road to Rio is a little rocky, the athletes who have spent the better part of their lives preparing for this moment will be able to experience their lifelong dream of competing against the world’s best in their sport and becoming an Olympian. While we’ve covered some athletes and teams we know that our readers are most interested in, we still send good luck wishes to all the athletes from around the world who will be living their dream come August 5

In this issue we’ve interviewed former Olympian Nancy Hogshead Makar. A well-known advocate for equity in sports, she is continuing to make a positive difference in the sports world, particularly for women and girls. We’ve also featured professional race car driver Freddy Niblack – not only is he out and proud, he’s also proud of the LGBT community, especially its response to the tragic massacre in Orlando. And Eric Gonzalez of Los Angeles Volleyball Organization (LAVO) is our Community Hero. He’s the executive director of the WeHo Sports Festival (WSF) being held over the Labor Day weekend on the campus of UCLA.

If you learn one thing in this issue above all else, it’s that athletes may or may not win a competition but they will always find a way to overcome any difficulties they face in life because they have heart!


Keep Smiling,

Connie Wardman, Editor-in-Chief




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