How’s this for a new golf toy! It was just three years ago that professional golfer and two-time Masters champ Bubba Watson teamed up with Oakley to create a golf cart hoverboard, called Bubba’s Hover. They even made a YouTube video you can watch:

But Bubba doesn’t need to hover anymore now that his new golf cart is a $200,000 jetpack flying model – the BW Air jetpack! Mashable has reported that Watson and Oakley made this flying golf cart as part of the run-up to the Olympics starting on August 5, where at No. 6, he’ll be the top-ranked golfer representing Team USA.

According to Emmett Knowlton of Business Insider, “Not only does the jetpack prevent you from having to, you know, walk, it also helps with another infuriating part of the sport: other golfers!” Watson says in the video that when you’re riding by yourself, ‘you don’t have to ride with that annoying golfer that tells you all about his score.’ Here’s the link to the video showing Bubba’s Jetpack:

In spite of all the fun, the jetpack has been designed for first responders who need to land softly at a perfect 90-degree angle. Mashable reports it can fly up to 3,000 feet at speeds close to 50 miles-per-hour. It only costs $200,000 and you can pre-order one here:


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