by Eric Carlyle

We are all on a journey. Some of us live quiet, private lives while others live life in the limelight. While I am obviously no superstar, I am occasionally recognized for my work at Compete Magazine as well as my work in professional development. I get the occasional autograph request and photo request. It usually isn’t a bother but instead is really rather complimentary.

No one has really ever asked me about my sexuality or gender identity. I think many people assume I am gay simply because of my dedication to the LGBT community and the work I do to recognize the everyday LGBT athlete.

A lot of people are assuming things about Bruce Jenner, too. With the popularity of his family’s reality show and the fact that Jenner has been referred to as “The World’s Greatest Athlete,” he is constantly hounded by fans and the press.

While I can smile through one or two photo requests, I cannot image what it would be like to have cameras follow me virtually everywhere. Whether you think it is self-promotion or that Jenner really wants to live his life in peace, the fact is that most everyone wants to know about his journey.

Whether Jenner is or isn’t transitioning to a women may be clarified by the one person who can – and should – address the issue, Bruce Jenner, himself. His highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer airs tonight on ABC at 9 ET/8 PT.

I know I will be watching because whether or not Jenner is transitioning, or whether or not he even confirms or denies such a transition, he has brought attention to the fact that anyone might potentially be transgendered – your friends, family members, neighbors or even your childhood sports hero.

The “T” in LGBT stands for transgender but it’s too little understood. When a person comes out as transgender it’s too often treated as some sort of aberration and turned into a media circus, especially when a well-known and respected athlete is involved.

It takes real courage to your live your life true to who you know you are rather than perpetuating others’ assumptions of who you should be and how they think you should live your life!

Whatever journey Bruce Jenner may be on, I wish him a peaceful and joyous life.