Currently playing basketball in China with the Beijing Great Wall in the WNBA off-season, Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner was cut on the elbow by a drunk man wielding a knife. The man chased Griner and three other teammates onto their team bus following a practice in Shenyang in northeast China. No stitches were required; Griner was wearing two thick winter coats that prevented any serious injury.

Griner shared on Instagram, “First let me say I’m ok!!!! But last night me and 3 my teammates got chase and attack by a man with a big ass knife got a little scratch and my teammates walk away unharmed! He chase us into our bus and had us [cornered] yelling at us then he finally left.”

She went on to thank everyone who’s been checking on her. And the Mercury tweeted, “We are thankful Brittney and her teammates are all okay after this incident.” In August Griner was named the WNBA defensive player of the year.