By Connie Wardman

Things that happen in our shared world come from either a place of love or a place of fear. People who fear those who are different from them, fear that their privileged way of life is being threatened. But rather than choosing personal growth and understanding by asking and learning about those differences, many choose to continue demeaning, humiliating, even killing another person who is different – all this so their personal world view of faux superiority doesn’t have to change.

Black Lives DO Matter (BLM)! And if this doesn’t reflect your current beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, emotions and memories, then I ask you to please pause and reflect on why you’re so fear-filled that you choose to support the idea and practice of systemic racism rather than supporting another human being’s right to equality.

When an idea like BLM comes along, one that’s so well-articulated and its necessity so clearly demonstrated, it becomes a clarion call for humanity to support it. You’re being given the opportunity to put it into action. As more and more of us in both the gay and ally communities get behind it, its power is continuing to increase, enough to positively change the world we all inhabit.

But it’s that action step that either makes or breaks the ability of an idea like BLM to become a global game-changer. For individuals simply to profess a belief in racial equality isn’t enough, however – lip service doesn’t make things happen. Individuals have to apply their belief in the ideas and goals of the Compete Sports Diversity Council’s ideals of equality, diversity, inclusion, acceptance and support in their everyday lives. Positive results are achieved only when enough of us make courageous decisions to grow personally and to respect, support and mentor others around us in that same quest

So when you’re faced with a decision to make today, whether it’s on the field of sport, business or in your daily life, your personal choice counts more than you realize. Your choice to be accepting and welcoming of others, to play by the rules of fair conduct means you’re actively supporting good sportsmanship on every level – you’re helping to strengthen a very important idea by putting it into action in your personal daily life.

Please join all of us at Compete by joining this global effort to eliminate racism, and let’s also work to erase transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, biphobia, acephobia and xenophobia. These are all fears that harm, even destroy people’s lives. Add your positive power by partnering with organizations from local-to-international levels that are doing what’s right, both on and off the field.