Big League Chew Bubblegum has been a staple of youth baseball for generations. Initially created for kids looking to mimic their favorite professional baseball players who were known for consuming chewing tobacco, Big League Chew has become a favorite bubble gum for kids, who recognize the mascot as a big, strong, masculine, muscle man looking fierce and ready to swing his bat at whatever comes next.

However, Baseball isn’t the only ball to play, with Softball becoming increasingly popular in both professional levels and recreational levels. The US Women’s National Softball Team won three consecutive Olympic Gold Medals at the 1996, 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games as well as the Silver Medal at the 2008 Olympic Games, which was the last Olympics that Softball and Baseball were contested. Despite this, softball has grown in popularity and with athletes like Jenny Allard, Jennie Finch, Eri Yoshida, Kelsie Whitmore and so many others who are inspiring girls and women to take up softball and other sports. Events like the Gay Softball World Series and various recreational leagues throughout the country are getting more people involved in the sport. Big League Chew is showing that women ballplayers belong in the big leagues as much as men do.

The new packages of Big League Chew will be hitting the stores in February!

By Dirk Smith