Although Christopher Hines will tell you that he “got really lucky that so many athletes and professionals were coming out at such a critical time in LGBT history,” he has consistently challenged and transformed the definition of what it means to be gay in the 21st century.

Hines first direction credit comes in the form of “The Butch Factor,” an exploration of masculinity and how different gay subcultures define the term. Hines’ next foray into feature documentaries was “The Adonis Factor,” an inside look at body image and how some gay men’s obsessions with their own bodies leads to intriguing places.

Hines recently saw the first airing of “Bad Ass Gays” on Logo, a documentary that follows athletes, military servicemen and others as they pursue their passions. Stars highlighted in this film include Navy SEAL Brett Jones, wrestler Darren Young, boxer Orland Cruz and motorcycle racer Luke Huff.

“All these guys are historic figures… and the nicest, most thoughtful and compassion guys you’d ever want to meet” says Hines of his subjects.

Removing barriers for gays is what Hines has set out to do, allowing them to “pursue whatever sports they want!”

The documentary also covers Compete mainstay Sin City Shoot Out, an annual sports festival that takes place in Las Vegas and is specifically tailored to the LGBT community.

Hines’ next project is called “Gays in Prison,” a film that puts eminent “Drag Race” star Latrice Royale “front and center as she reveals her own experiences in jail and explores the stories of gay men…lessons learned, humor, sex and love.”

While Hines continues to make some of the best LGBT culture documentaries available he continues to practice skiing and hockey in his free time, cementing his place as a personality to be watched closely as the inclusive movement rolls forward.

You can check out all of Christopher Hines’ work at, the production company that Hines owns and operates.