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August 2016 Grandstanding: Letters to Compete



Bobby Says What?    (July 2016)
Really? A style column in a sports magazine? I was really shocked when I read Bobby Ciletti’s column in July’s Compete. The tips Bobby provided were more than just the fluff I expected—they added real value to my workouts. While I’m not ready to try paddle boarding just yet I’ve certainly gotten myself to the beach and tried yoga.

Melanie Vaughn (via email)
San Clemente, California


Right Said, Freddy  (July 2016)
Freddy Niblack is too sexy for his shirt and he appears to be one hell of a race car driver, too. More on Freddy, please.

Casey Braden (via email)
San Antonio, Texas


Editor’s note: Following his story in Compete, some of Freddy’s sponsors dropped him because he’s gay. So if you’d like to help him finish the last two required races this year to be eligible for the Indy 500 next year, go to:


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