Main-picThe gym scene isn’t what it used to be twenty years ago. It was a simpler time when no one tweeted about “fitness Fridays” or took gym selfies on the treadmill. Today it’s a bustling social facility for meeting friends, finding singles and discussing business. People actually care about what they look like and what they’re wearing, ignoring the fact that their sexy workout clothes are going to be covered in sweat. Gym-goers are even investing in a new athletic product that has nothing to do with burning calories and everything to do with improving your face, known as athleisure makeup.

Athleisure makeup is sweat-proof makeup designed for every level of physical activity. These formulas are lightweight and resilient enough to withstand sweat and protect skin from harsh outdoor conditions. Tinted moisturizers with SPF are replacing heavy liquid foundations, and lipstick is being swapped for tinted lip balms. Gym-goers can workout with an undetectably natural glow that won’t leave traces of makeup all over your workout clothes.

Gay athletes and male gym-goers alike are taking advantage of the new hype in sports makeup, especially because these products leave the most natural finish. Men used to get a lot of flack for wearing makeup at all, but today’s biggest athletes, like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, are now praised for their know-how in male makeup. It’s a revolutionary way for men to enhance their facial features that goes beyond men’s skin care and shaving products. Whether you’re a competitive dancer or quarterback in football, athleisure makeup is designed to make every sportsman’s workout experience a little more empowering.

If you want to get your hands dirty on some men’s makeup, Differio has a wide variety of men’s grooming products ideal for any activity in and out of the gym circuit. Known for their trendy men’s activewear, their online collection of makeup for men is just as impressive as their variety of workout gear. From liquid foundation to concealer for men, these products are great for both beginners and experts in men’s cosmetics. If anything this makeup trend is only going to improve your selfie game, so why hold back?