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Are You Open to Collaboration?

Collaboration is an all-important everyday element for us at Compete – we really are a team that collaborates within the Compete offices and with all of our partners, readers and friends. And if you are a team player who loves that kind of positive interaction, that could include you, too.

If you’ve ever thought about being represented in the pages of Compete we’d really like to hear from you. We are searching for freelance bloggers, photo journalists, writers, athletes, teams, organizations and anyone else who is ready, willing and able to make a difference in sports diversity.

You may already be part of a sports team or organization. Maybe you wrestle with the Golden Gate Wrestling Club or play rugby with the Gotham Knights. Or perhaps you play volleyball with the Colorado Gay Volleyball Association.

Are you taking some great photos at this year’s NAGAAA Cup? Perhaps you are training for the World Gay Rodeo Finals and have a story to tell? Maybe you work out every day and want to show off your well-earned physique? Perhaps you’ve overcome a challenge or obstacle to reach your fitness goals? Whatever your story, we’d love to hear it.

There are endless ways for you to collaborate with us. All it takes is an email, phone call or Facebook message and who knows, you could just be the newest member of the Compete team.

With You,

Eric Carlyle, SDL

[email protected]

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