Thumbs Up! 

Harrison Browne, First Transgender Professional Hockey Player
… for announcing his retirement to “start transitioning and seeing myself in the mirror the way I see on the inside.” Coming out to his college coaches as transgender in 2014, he had delayed his medical transition while playing in the professional National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL).

Chris Bertish, South African Surfer
… for completing a record-setting 93-day, 4,050-mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean by himself on a stand-up paddleboard! He set off in Agadir, Morocco and ended in Antigua and his journey only took an estimated two million paddle strokes. Amazing!

John Amaechi, Retired Out NBA player
… for calling out Amar’e Stoudemire for his homophobic “joke” during an interview posted on an Israeli website. Amaechi called Stoudemire, retired NBA player now playing in Israel, “a braying jackass making a desperate grab for relevance.”


thumbsdownThumbs Down!

David Simms, Sheffield Steelers Executive (English Professional Ice Hockey Team)
… for suggesting while acting as commentator that two men kissing should be removed by security from the stadium when the men were shown on the “kiss-cam.” He has since apologized and said it was meant as a joke but his team has called his remark “foolish and thoughtless.”



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