April 12, 2017 | by Compete Network
April 2017 Grandstanding: Letters to Compete Magazine



Equal Play for Woman    (March 2017)

I’ve read your story on the LPGA Founder’s Cup more than once now and I find the idea of women’s golf inspiring. I am so proud of the generations that have come before me that have laid the groundwork for me, as an athlete, to pursue my love of sports. While I don’t play golf, I can admire the steps all 13 founders made before me.

Sam Alexander
Provo, Utah 


Generation Compete    (March 2017)

Interesting to see the story on Doug Litwin. I admire his love of sports, music and his role at the Gay Games. As a member of generation X it is nice to see a variety of generations represented in Compete. While the cover model is surely a millennial, not all sports fans are under 35.

Mac Brady
Orange County

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