Each issue we invite our readers to submit feedback to our editor.  These letters appeared in our April 2016 issue.

Just Weight  (February 2016)
Check out our February 2016 issue here.

The February issue was a very interesting read. I rather enjoyed the weight lifting cover and bodybuilding photos. I didn’t even know there was an LGBT presence in that world but am glad to see it.

Lloyd Franklin
San Diego, Calif. (via email)

Star Track, Star Trek  (March 2016)
Check out our March 2016 issue here.

As a college level track and field athlete it was great to see your recent issue that featured a runner on the Compete cover. The Star Trek tie in to the story added a great air of comedy (and I hope sincerely) to the writer’s story. Oh, I am not just a track and field athlete; I am also a Trekkie.

Carl Holt
Westfield, Ind. (via email)