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Amsterdam Waterproof Hosts a ‘Royal’ Water Polo Tournament for “King’s Day”

The Amsterdam Waterproof invite you to another “Eleganza Extravaganza” and also a Water Polo tournament this weekend for the 2019 Champagne Cup. The event will take place on the day before the Dutch national holiday, “King’s Day” where the Waterproof promise to introduce the Dutch royal family to the Waterpolo Kings, Queens and in-betweens.”

The compeititon includes a recreational league and a competitive league with teams all over Europe taking part. In addition to the tournament, the Waterproof are hosting some fun parties and dinners to celebrate a fun and eventful holiday weekend in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Waterproof have been around since 2015 and “are a very diverse group of boys & girls, young & old (er), big & small, beginners & advanced … but above all we are a club of sporty people who like to play water polo in a relaxed environment and take the sport and competitions seriously . So we play for fun and to (learn to) win.

The Waterproof took part in the 2018 Gay Games in Paris and regularly compete in various Dutch national competitions as well as international competitions with other LGBTQI sports teams around Europe. Find more information at

By Dirk Smith

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