The past 10-15 years have seen tremendous progress in the progression of equality for LGBTQ+ people. With more people living out and proud than ever, we are living in a time in which education and awareness for LGBTQ+ causes and history is more prominent. Although we have made a lot of progress toward equality, we are not there yet.

Alone in the Game is a documentary that tells the story of many LGBTQ+ athletes and their experiences competing in sports, in the closet and eventually coming out. It’s a powerful documentary that examines the homophobia and transphobia that is still a plague in modern sports. Even with increased awareness from the NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA and MLS as well as the United States Olympic Committee, corporations like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor and various other sporting institutions for LGBTQ+ causes. Including fundraisers, rainbow gear, workshops, diversity training, outreach programs, and Pride Nights. There are not very many active and open LGBTQ+ athletes in professional and elite sports today.

The documentary examines the stories from many prominent names in LGBTQ+ sport, athletes who have made history in their own way. Many of these athletes living in the closet during their time in sports, the effects it had on their mental health and capabilities as an athlete. How does an athlete feel when they are risking everything they’ve worked for to come out of the closet? Alone in the Game answers that question and many more, debuting today on June 28th. There is a lot we all can learn from it and what we can do to continue the fight for equality, opening doors for athletes on and off the field, to compete as themselves.

As Michael Sam once said, “I want you to see me as Michael, the Football Player. Not Michael, the gay football player.”

See it tonight at 8P ET/PT on Audience Network on DIRECTV Channel 239 & DIRECTV NOW. I’d love to hear your thoughts. #AloneInTheGame Check out Alone in the Game here!

By Dirk Smith