Tim Wood

TimWood5Age: 49.

Hometown: Palm Springs, California.

Day Job: IT Service Manager for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Current Sport(s) Played: Road Cycling and Weight Lifting.

Single or Partnered: Married.

Straight or Gay: Gay.

Why You Love Sports: I played football in junior high and loved the challenge but never thought of myself as an athlete. I bought a $500 hybrid bike when I moved to LA but never really used it until AIDS/LifeCycle. Twelve years and 25,000 miles later, including over 40 countries, I ride because it FEELS good; it’s a way to experience the amazing capabilities of the human body and spirit.

What led you to get involved with the ALC and in what year did you first participate?

I participated in my first ALC in 2006 and I’m getting ready to ride in my 12th consecutive AIDS/LifeCycle. From the start I wanted to do something important, something really challenging.

What keeps you coming back to the ALC each year?

The people, the experience, the family, the purpose. I’ve been HIV-positive since 2000. By 2005 I was on meds but I became addicted to IV methamphetamines. Thankfully, friends rescued me and I completed my first AIDS/LifeCycle just one month after quitting cold turkey. My life changed at that moment in a way I could never even imagine.

I joined a special group of riders called Positive Pedalers that gave me a new outlook on life and a new purpose. Their mission is to eliminate the stigma of HIV through our group’s positive public example. I ride every year to help HIV-positive people lead positive, amazing, inspirational lives free of the stigma, shame and fear that remain in our communities today.

How much money have you raised over the years you’ve been riding and what is your goal for this year?  I’ve raised over $50,000 and I set my goal every year at a least $5,000.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about participating in the ALC for the first time?

Go For It! The AIDS/LifeCycle has given me friends and heroes for a lifetime, each with their own special story of challenge, inspiration and hope.


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