Mindy Reed

ALC-TrainingAge: 50.

Hometown: South Haven, Michigan.

Day Job: I own two restaurants in Palm Springs, California.

Current Sport(s) Played: Cycling, Softball sporadically.

Single or Partnered: Single.

Straight or Gay: Straight.

Why You Love Sports: It makes me feel alive to push my body and mind farther than I think I can  and that transfers over into the rest of my life.

What led you to get involved with the ALC and in what year did you first participate? My first year was 2010. My boyfriend died in July of 2009 from cancer and in February of 2010 I realized that I needed to do something to feel alive myself and escape the depression I felt as well as defining my own identity away from my businesses and his ever looming shadow. Also because my best girlfriend got HIV from her fiancé who was already infected, on meds and who didn’t disclose his status until she discovered she had contracted it.

What keeps you coming back to the ALC each year? I’ve done it for four years for different reasons, from sheer first race euphoria to having friends enter and not wanting to be left out. In 2015 I started doing other charity rides at a slower pace. But Trump happened – the idea that we could return to a world where peoples’ freedoms and rights are being threatened and the chance of losing the human rights gains we’ve made over the years scares me. ALC this year is my way of fighting back, of saying that we all matter.

How much money have you raised over the years you’ve been riding and what is your goal for this year?  My goal this year is $7,500 and lifetime combined I have raised over $47,000 just for Aids LifeCycle.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about participating in the ALC for the first time?  Do It! You are so much stronger than you think you are if you only believe in yourself!


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