Organized by “Eqal’APS” (Equality In and Through Physical and Sports Activities) at the University of Lyon, Æquali’sport is working to combat homophobic and transphobic discrimination in sports by showcasing and promoting projects from students and graduates of the University.

One of these projects is the Tournoi de Futsal Æquali’sport or “Æquali’sport Futsal Tournament.” Futsal is a variation of soccer with the same principles of the sport, but often played indoors, on a smaller pitch and with a hard court. It is a 5 on 5 + 2 goal keepers game, played with a smaller, harder, low bounce ball and emphasizes improvisation, creatibity and technique.

The Æquali’sport Futsall tournament is open to all individual athletes and teams who wish to register. The tournament “wants to make LGBTQI + sports clubs in the Lyon area visible and to offer a sports activity open to everyone.” Thus, in addition to the tournament, several LGBTQI sports clubs and associations will be part of the tournament to help put it on as well as to promote their own sports and teams. The event serves as a vehicle to help increase LGBTQI participation in sports.

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By Dirk Smith