It’s that time of year again! Where you’re either going to decide that this next year will be “your year” or your going to roll your eyes at everybody who declares that. After 2017 was a year to forget (same with 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and so on…) suddenly 2018 will be YOUR year, unless history is any indicator. But all sarcasm aside, what’s the deal? Why was 2017 a crap year and is 2018 going to be any different? It’s probably not and I’ll probably be sharing this same article next year with the dates changed.


New Years is considered a time for “new beginnings” or a fresh start for people. Which is why your local gym suddenly feels more crowded then usual and people are out and about with a newfound energy. Eager to shed the stress from the holidays and lose all that weight too. Now, is that willingness to start fresh borne out of a true desire to do so or is it just obligation with the time of year? What’s going to keep you going at the end of February, when everybody else drops off?


What if a sudden challenge to your newfound ambition derails it, is your will and reason going to be strong enough to get back on or will you just give up?


I am asking these questions because with good intent, people start off the New Year ready for some change, but just as quickly settle back into what’s comfortable and familiar, even if it means ending their year on a low note. The biggest thing to consider is are you changing because you want to? Or do you feel obligated to because of the New Year?


If you feel obligated to because of the New Year, just close this article now because it probably won’t help you. However if you desire true change under your own desire read on…

Change your attitude.

Anything and everything you experience in life is all about attitude. If you have a cloud constantly hanging over your head, or you go into a situation with preconceived notions then you’ve already set your experience to be poor from the beginning. Open your mind and have a willingness to learn, give people the benefit of the doubt and always approach a new situation with enthusiasm. You can’t always control what’ll happen, but you can certainly control how you react to it.


You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

We all have been afraid to take on a new challenge because of our fear for not knowing what the hell we’re doing. Just ask anybody who’s ever stepped into the gym for the first time. Try something new, you’ll probably fail the first time and feel like a fool but everybody has at some point. Those who are successful were the ones who got back up and kept trying until they got it right.


Start with what you have now and trust that you will find the things you need as you continue to grow.


Be specific in what you want to accomplish.

-A common “resolution” is to “lose weight and get in shape.” Well that’s not very specific is it? In the world of fitness, what’s considered “in shape” is about as different as you and I. You’ll hear this in many articles to set “goals” instead of “resolutions” but what’s the difference? Well ask yourself…


Why do you want to workout?

Why is this important to you?

What do you want to do (or be able to do?)

When do you want to be able to do it? (Specific date)

How are you going to get there? (Schedule, Type, Specific Approach, Taking Action)


Ask questions, seek out resources.


Taking on a new challenge, stepping into the unfamiliar, it’s scary. Fortunately you’re not the first person to experience that and there are many resources and people out there who want to help you succeed.


So if you are truly seeking to make 2018 “your year” well you don’t have to wait until January 1st and you certainly shouldn’t be doing it just because everybody else is. Change always starts from within and is constantly… changing!

Happy 2018!


By Dirk Smith