Tonight, June 21st Major League Baseball is celebrating its 113th Midnight Sun Game by hosting a 24-hour marathon of their “Play Ball” events, which are workshops teaching drills and skills of baseball and softball for adults and kids.

The event will be hosted in Fairbanks, Alaska which will experience 24 hours of daylight on the Summer Solstice and will be part of a festival hosted by the MLB with American Legion, PONY Baseball and Softball, USA Baseball and USA Softball. Participants in the Play Ball sessions will receive a free bat and ball, t-shirts, wristbands and other cool swag while participating in drills and exercises.

Many local and national teams/ organizations will be on hand, hosting games, activities and other events as well, which are all leading up to the Midnight Sun Game between the Alaska Goldpanners and the Orange County Surf at Fairbanks’ Growden Park. Former MLB player and MLB’s openly gay Vice President of Inclusion and Social Responsibility, Billy Bean, will host the event and there will be many other players and managers present as well to celebrate the occasion. Check it out at