The 10th Gay Games will open in Paris in 2018, and with the leadership of Qiu Hua, hopes to welcome over twenty athletes from China. After discovering the Gay Games in 2014, Qui Hua has been promoting the upcoming Gay Games in his native nation. In an interview with Sixth Tone, he stated the Chinese: “…don’t know about the games, and this is the first time there has been a direct link between the games and China.” Using the Paris 2018 WeChat public account he has been translating news of the Paris 2018 events, while doing outreach to relevant Chinese LGBT groups. “These kinds of groups are really hard to find,” he added.

In the 2014 Gay Games in Cleveland, a competitor from China took home a silver medal in swimming. So far, Qiu Hua reports nineteen Chinese athletes have registered for the Paris games, and is hoping to raise that number to one hundred by the time the games open in 2018.

After participating in the 1968 Olympics, Dr. Tom Waddell wanted the LGBT Community to experience not only the competition of the Olympics, but with an emphasis on inclusion, personal achievement and sportsmanship. Ironically, Dr. Waddell originally called the event the “Gay Olympics,” but was then sued by the U.S. Olympic Committee, forcing the name change to the Gay Games. The Gay Games have been held every four years since 1982.