Launching a new competition called BroadcastHER. The 1000 Dreams Fund (1DF) which is a national non-profit that offers microgrants to support young women, has announced they are partnering with headset maker HyperX, entertainment company Allied eSports, and Samsung Electronics-owned HARMAN. Through these partnerships, 1DF will award $1000 each in grants, along with “behind the scenes VIP experiences” to nine young women who are pursuing a career in eSports and gaming.

The competition will take place over four weeks where women can enter the “Inaugural BroadcastHER Academy Challenge” to win a grant and an all-expenses paid trip to the Allied eSports’ global flagship venue; HyperX eSports Arena in Las Vegas. For the competition, they will work side by side with production and executive teams to produce an event.

While eSports and gaming in general are gender equal, meaning that there are no physiological differences among players that would garner any kind of advantage that is attributed to gender. The industry still is very male dominated and attracting more female gamers to eSports has been proved to be challenging. The purpose of the 1DF program is to give more women the real-world experiences and networking opportunities to build a career in the industry. This includes careers in programming, design, software design, engineering, marketing, and so much more.

“In the current gaming industry, female gamers and esports professionals are an underrepresented segment, even though almost 50 percent of gamers worldwide are female,” said Wendy Lecot, business development manager at HyperX. “When young women do not see themselves represented in the workplace or in the competitive scene, they are less likely to be inspired by the industry as a viable career choice and may result in not applying for jobs or being hired.” 

BroadcastHER and other initiatives are working to break that cycle and get more women involved in the industry. The funds awarded can be used toward upgrading equipment, travel or anything else. The training they receive will help them accelerate their career to pursue whatever their ambitions in the gaming industry.  Find more information at

By Dirk Smith