Dirk at Ski and Swim
February 26, 2018 | by Compete Network
QUAC Ski and Swim 2018

Get your discount prom dresses ready and get your butts to Salt Lake City for the Queer Utah Aquatic Club’s annual Ski and Swim weekend. If you love swimming, water polo and hot boys in speedos then this event is for you! March 2-4th will be a weekend filled with water polo tournaments, fast swimming, fun parties/ social events and of course lots of skiing (or snowboarding!)

Having been to the event myself many times, I can attest that you’ll be in for a fun weekend. QUAC really knows how to put on a party. In addition to traditional parties, they also organize dinner parties with fellow QUAC members to welcome all the swimmers, polo players and supporters. I have many wonderful memories and photos of the event. Including the “Cocktail Relay” to cap off the swim meet, sometimes involving prom dresses and heels (whom those participants sink straight to the bottom, but only when the cute lifeguard is on duty).

Friday evening is the opening party, Saturday is the swim meet, Saturday evening for dinner followed by the after party and then Sunday for a full day of skiing or snowboarding at Snowbird Resort, complete with a catered lunch and relaxation at the Snowbird Resort Spa!

You are in for a great weekend of swimming, skiing, friends and a lot of fun! Check it out at http://www.ski-n-swim.org


By Dirk Smith

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