2017 Compete Sports Diversity Leadership Conference


Conference Mission Statement

To foster leadership of the LGBT sports diversity community.

Conference Purpose

To create a community of leaders for the multitude of LGBT sports organizations, mentoring and training the next generation of up and coming sports leaders.

Many sports diversity organizations, while sharing evolving LGBT issues still have very specific missions within the LGBT sporting movement.  The Sports Diversity Leadership Conference helps bring together a community of leaders to share and build upon already robust and successful organizations.

Many people, from weekend warriors to professional athletes, are unsure how they can make a positive difference in the future of sports diversity.  This Conference will serve to foster these leaders of tomorrow:  mentors, coaches, league organizers, board members and more.

Compete Sports Diversity Leadership Conference Dates:

Event reception, January 12, 2017
Event Conference, January 13, 2017
Post-Conference Summary Event, January 14, 2017

Conference Benefits

*  Preparing LGBT Sports Leaders by building their confidence and knowledge and giving them the resources to succeed
*  Supporting non-profit organizations that champion sports diversity
*  Building stronger communities through fully-trained and equipped leaders
*  Increasing participation in local and national non-profit organizations
*  Recognizing conference sponsors, partners and leaders for their continued support of the LGBT Sports Community

2017 Participation Pricing Pending

Individual Participant (General)
*   Conference participant, January 13, 2017
*   Lunch included

Charter Member Sponsorship
*  Recognition as Charter Member for 2017
*  Conference participant, January 13, 2017
*  Annual policy participant for 2017

Founding Partner Sponsorship
*  Recognition as Founding Partner for 2017
*  Conference participant, January 13, 2017
*  Annual policy participant for 2017
*  Ability to be an Advisory Board Member

2016 Conference Overview

Photos from our 2016 Conference2016 Douglas P. Holloway Sports Diversity Leadership Conference


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